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ECP makes applying easy by listing many of the available positions on Indeed.  Use the link below to browse openings.

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Listed Positions

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2nd and 3rd shift (Maintenance Technician) Production Line Technician

The Production Line Technician is responsible for performing maintenance on specified equipment in a timely and accurate manner.

Tech Services, Research & Development

The Technical Services and R&D position is responsible for working directly with customers to create food products to their specifications, including formulation and design of product. This position will also send samples of product to potential customers and conduct R&D for the company.

Tech Services, Research & Development Intern

The Research and Development (R/D) position at Enterprise-CP will provide students with a career interest and a food related academic background, the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to a business environment. The internship program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn and work within a rapidly growing food manufacturing environment.

 2nd Shift Quality Technician

The Quality Technician is responsible for assisting the Quality Leadership team in daily assigned duties. The Quality Technician will communicate all quality concerns and/or deficiencies with management and plant personnel and is a driver of quality, safety, and efficiency within the plant.

2nd Shift Production Operator

The Operator is responsible for running a high speed packaging machine safely and efficiently with the help of 2-3 additional production employees. The Operator is required to have strict compliance with the facility Food Safety and Quality Management System policies and procedures. Also assists with inspecting machines to ensure they are meeting operational standards. Will assist other employees working on the production line in completion of work.

2nd shift Assistant Operator

The Assistant Operator works closely with the Operator of a production line providing support where needed. Strict compliance with all safety and quality policies and procedure is required. May fill in for an Operator when needed.

2nd shift Palletizer

The Palletizer provides support to the other members of the line by stacking pallets of finished product. Also assists with cleaning. May fill in for the Assistant Operator when needed.

Cando 3rd Shift Material Handler

The Material Handler is responsible for ensuring all raw and completed are appropriately labeled and put away in the proper location. Also responsible for movement of supply on the production floor to assist production lines.

Cando 3rd Shift Mill Technician

The Milling Technician is directly involved with processing wheat, our raw material, into flour and feed products. Milling Technicians work in teams in the following areas: Mill and Flour/Feed load out. The Milling technician reports to the Head Miller.

Cando 3rd Shift Press and Dryer Operator

The Press & Dryer Operator is responsible for pasta production equipment operation. The goal is to maximize lbs/hour output while maintaining product quality and ensuring a safe process while in operation.

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